Threezero 1:6 Scale Ninja Turtles Movie Donatello & Raphael Figures Review

Raphael and Donatello
I opened and reviewed the first two figures from Threezero, Leonardo and Michelangelo, early last year when they were first released. But by the time their two brothers were released, they ended up going into the "to be reviewed" pile where they have remained ever since. It's time to rectify that. (And hopefully I can at least get to them before the Out of the Shadows versions get released.) But since these figures have been out for a while and are based on a movie that was already two years old even when they were released, I'm going to try to keep this review short and just cover how these two figures differ from their brothers.

Packaging - 4/10

The packaging for Raphael and Donatello is the same as that of Leonardo and Michelangelo. And it has all the same issues. It doesn't really show off the figure. Actually it doesn't even show the figures at all. They might use a bit thicker material for the box itself. But they still aren't strong enough to stand up to much wear & tear.

Sculpting/Outfits - Raphael 9/10, Donatello 10/10

The work that Threezero put into Leonardo and Michelangelo was impressive. And they continued that with Raphael. They have recreated his look from the movie quite well. I think they went overboard with the string hanging off of his ankle wrappings and would have liked to see a thicker material for the strips that make up his loin cloth. And he as a slight case of muffin top where the bottom edge of the rubber body suit pops out slightly over the top of his belt. But as impressive as Raphael may be, Donatello is on a whole new level. The basic body and head sculpt are done well. But it's when you get to all of the details and components of his outfit that the figure really shines. The only complaint I can make for Donatello is that the gap for his wrist joints tends to be visible unlike his three brothers.

Paint - Donatello 8/10, Raphael 10/10

The paint work on both figures is well executed. And there is a lot of it. The skin and shells all have quite elaborate detailing and shadowing. And they look great. But I think that they screwed up the colors on the waist armor and headband for Donatello. In the movie, both of those areas give the character a nice pop of color. But on the figure the purple of the mask is dark enough to bend in with his skin. And the skirt armor is left black. That's not to say the figure looks bad. But that extra bit of color adding a bit of contrast would have been even better.

Articulation - 6/10

As with their two brothers before them, Donatello and Raphael have the usual high levels of articulation that one would expect from a twelve inch figure. Although, once again they only have single jointed knees. But the bigger issue is that once again their entire upper body is covered with the rubbery suit. You can still adjust the articulation within the suit. But doing so causes the material to bend and bunch up. And it can be tough to position the figures just right when you can't see where the joints are pointed.

Accessories - Raphael 5/10, Donatello 8/10

Raphael comes with his two sais, his sunglasses and a pair of hands sculpted in closed fists. The fists seem unnecessary. But the sais look great and even have cloth wrappings on the handles. But once more, Donatello manages to outshine his brother. He has his bo staff which comes with four optional tips to adjust its length. He also comes with a pair of grasping hands and a pair of closed fists on top of the open/relaxed hands he comes equiped with right out of the box. That's still not quite as impressive as Michelangelo's rocket skateboard. But considering how many sculpted bits there are on his outfit, I'm surprised he has any accessories.

Value - 4/10

These figures are not cheap. Each one will set you back around $220. Honestly I can't fault them for the price considering how elaborate they are and how well executed they are. But at the same time, that is a lot of money to spend on figures based on a movie that wasn't all that well received. And it's even worse now that the second movie, Out of the Shadows, has rendered these designs outdated and there are new versions of the OOTS Turtle designs coming soon. Still, if you happen to be a fan of the 2014 movie these are an impressive display piece and they are far cheaper and take less room than the Prime 1 Studios statues.

Happy Hunting:

Raphael and Donatello were released last year (2016). So finding them now could be a bit more difficult. Donatello is still listed at Big Bad Toy Store which is were I ordered mine. I was also able to find Raphael still listed at Hobby Link Japan. Both of those sites have excellent reputations and have helped to drain my wallet on many occasions.

Donatello box front Donatello box back

Raphael box front Raphael box back

Raphael front and back

Donatello front and back

Raphael close up Raphael waering sunglasses Raphael's loin cloth Raphael's muffin top Raphael shoulder joint Raphael's shell Raphael's leg wrapping Raphael's accessories sai storage Donatello close up Donatello chest detail Donatello power strip Donatello's elbow pads Donatello's power glove Donatello's tablet storage Donatello's skirt armor Donatello's backpack Donatello with bo Donatello's accessories Threezero Turtle group photo