TMNT:TNM Deluxe Figure Set

Stock No. 33150

Way of the Turtle

Splinter says:

"Join with your friends to form an unstoppable force!" This means two heads are better than one.

This ain't no cartoon! Cuz now, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are older, wiser, stronger and smarter than ever before. And they're out to kick some bad butt! Shredder's toast; and now there's a new big-headed bully in town - Dragon Lord with his Rank Warrior henchmen makes Shredder look like a nice guy! This fight is for real - and so is Venus - the long lost fifth Turtle! Venus was washed down the sewer some 18 years ago - and was raised in a small village in China and now she's back! So join the action with this Mutant bunch of madmen munchers as they try to save the world - and this time, it's for real!

Leonardo and Venus are in for one rip-roaring battle with the Dragon Lord and his Elite Guard. Tempers have gone from flarin' to flamin'! Venus is sick of smelling the Dragon Lord's breath, not to mention the fact that the Elite Guard has never used deodorant in his life! Leo is just achin' to get out of this box so he can show the Dragon Lord the bottom of his foot, up close and personal like. And speakin' of the Dragon Lord, he's had to put his plans of world domination on hold till somebody comes along and frees him from this deluxe four pack. Are you brave enough? Will you take responsiblity and set these four free? It's up to you. Go ahead - just be warned: watch out for the Dragon Lord's breath!


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