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Leo's Katana Sword

with Awesome Spring-loaded Double-bladed Scissor Action!

Stock No. 33131

Way of the Turtle

Splinter says:

"Insteel there is strengh, but paper cuts hurt, too." That means the Katana Sword can take on heavy armored dudes with no Problemo!

Ten Rank Warriors surround Leo in a dark alley. They draw their weapons and begin to close in. Leo takes a deep breath and focuses his concentration. With lightning speed Leo draws his Katana Sword and spins to meet the first attacker. Clash! Clang! Kerching! The sound of battle fills the alley as sparks fly. Leo's Katana Sword slices the extended blade of the first Rank Warrior. A swift foot to his head leaves the defenseless Rank Warrior unconscious. Uh-oh! Two more Rank Warriors attacking at the same time! Leo presses the Mutation Activation Switch and his Katana Blade splits - ahah! Slaash! Both the advancing Rank Warriors drop! Leo turns to face the rest - but they are gone. They are the smart ones. Leo lowers his Katana Sword and reunites the two blades. Somewhere in the distance, a dog barks.

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