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One small step for a web page,

One giant leap for mutant kind

And one GIANT overhaul for this website!

It has been long overdue, but I am finally getting around to rebuilding the figure guide here. After several decades the number of toys produced for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lines has grown too large to continue with just one figure list. So I've broken it down based on the various relaunches of the line that have occured over the years. Hopefully this will make things easier to navigate for those who are only interested in toys from a certain period.

I have also combined all of the toys (figures, vehicles, giant figures, mini figures etc...) into each list. With the number of vehicles with figures included, this should make things a bit clearer and give me a place to list items that I previously didn't have a place for such as the various role play sets that have been produced over the years.

With the overhaul set. I will be trying to go back and update some of the more out of date photos, particularly of the vehicles. (Some of those predate my very first digital camera!) And with luck, I hope to a few other features as well.

Original Line
Original Line
The Next Mutation Line
Next Mutation Line
2003 Line
2003 Line
Fast Forward Line
Fast Forward Line
TMNT Movie Line
2012 Line
2012 Line
Rise of the TMNT toy Line
Rise of the TMNT Toy Line
Additional Toy Lines & Merchandise
Additional Toy Lines
& Merchandise


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