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TMNT Turtle Party Wagon (2021 Reissue)

Mutant Attack Van

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Front, Driver's Side, Rear, Battle Mode, Battle Mode (Side View)




Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the most advanced party vehicle ever designed! Yes! Turtle technology at its best! And it's yours... all yours! Because this attack transport machine means you're in control. Control of the Super Spoiler! Nowhere else will you find the radical super cool Super-spoiler that triggers the Foot-pounding Tenderizer! And you're not alone: Michelangelo loves to ride shotgun on the swinging Foot Tenderizer's side arm while Raphael wields the wheel at breakneck speed. This party-powered mutant machine comes with incredible options! Like the Turtle-plated Flip Top for easy Turtle access. And the Shell-proof Armored Windshield Visor to keep your Turtle team fully protected against high-speed bug impaction. This Turtle troop transport is perfect for street-level and subterranean travel. All this control is now in the palm of your crime-fighting hands! May the OOZE be with you!

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