Battle Nexus Multiverse Champions 4 Pack

The Multiverse Mutant Turtles!

Stock No. 52986


Battle Nexus Leonardo bows respectfully and enters the Battle Nexus. He is determined to defeat all opponents and to fulfill his distiny as one of the greatest martial artists of all time... and to make his sensei proud! He is Battle Nexus Leonardo and his mind and skills are as razor sharp as his twin katana blades!

Battle Nexus Donatello can't wait to square off in the Battle Nexus... that is, once he stops his mind from wandering and thinking about the nature of the nexus... the nexus, a world between worlds, between dimensions... a point in time and space that is common to all worlds and dimensions... a place that Donatello had thought only existed as textbook theory... a place where he now stands ready to dish out ninjitsu reality! Hai!

Bring it on, yells Raphael! Bring on the Slontags, the Quazines, the Flatulords and Dark Assassins... bring on the biggest, most bruisin' Triceratons you can find! I'm the greenest and meanest smackdown machine the multiverse has ever seen! I am Battle Nexus Raphael and I am ready to rumble!

Battle Nexus Michelangelo jogs into the Battle Nexus, waves to the cheering crowd, grins and thinks: this is like a video game, only much, much cooler! It's like an action movie with me as the star! Me, Michelangelo, Turtle Titan of the Time Tortoises... Nunchaku Ninja of the Nexus... Me, Michelangelo, Master of the Multiverse! Now, who wants an autograph?


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