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2003 Releases

Series 1

Foot Soldier

Extreme Sports Turtles

Scootin' Leo
Biker Don
Skatin' Raph
Thrashin' Mike

Series 2

April O'neil Casey Jones Hun

Giant Turtles

Giant Leonardo
Giant Donatello
Giant Raphael
Giant Michelangelo

Mini Figures

Foot Soldier
4 Pack

Toy Fair Promo Keychain Minis

(These were given away at Toy Fair. They were never offered for sale.)
Leonardo keychain
Donatello keychain
Raphael keychain
Michelangelo keychain

Series 2.5

Foot Tech Ninja
Nanotech Monster

Fightin' Gear TMNT

Fightin' Gear Mike
Fightin' Gear Don
Fightin' Gear Raph
Fightin' Gear Leo

Series 3

Armorized Shredder
Foot Elite Guard
Foot Gunner


Mutatin' Leonardo
Mutatin' Donatello
Mutatin' Raphael
Mutatin' Michelangelo
Mutatin' Shredder
Mutatin' Foot Soldier

Figure 3 Packs

Shredder's Revenge Set: Leonardo, Donatello & Shredder
Turtle Takedown Set: Michelangelo, Raphael & Foot Soldier
"Steel Cage Slam" Set: Raphael, Casey & Hun

10" Plush Turtles

10" Plush Leonardo
10" Plush Donatello
10" Plush Raphael
10" Plush Michelangelo

Super-Poseable Plush

Super-Poseable Leonardo
Super-Poseable Donatello
Super-Poseable Raphael
Super-Poseable Michelangelo

Basic Vehicles

Shell Cycle Sewer Slider Razor Jet

Misc Vehicles & Playsets

Battle Shell Turtle Tracker Turtle Lair Playset Gold Statue (not a retail release)

Electronic Role Play Weapons

Leonardo's Electronic Katana Sword
Raphael's Electronic Twin Sais
Donatello's Electronic Bo Staff
Electronic Michelangelo's Nunchuks

Misc Role Play Items

Shell Cell Walkie Talkies

2004 Releases

Series 4

Turtle Titan Mike
Toddler Turtles
Giant Mouser
Foot Fire Mystic
Stone Biter
Razor Fist

Space Hoppin' TMNT

Space Hoppin' Leonardo
Space Hoppin' Donatello
Space Hoppin' Raphael
Space Hoppin' Michelangelo

Series 5

Silver Sentry
Guardian Ninja
Commander Mozar
Triceraton Warrior
Baxter Stockman
Multi Arm Shredder
Claw Shredder

Deep Divin' TMNT

Deep Divin' Michelangelo
Deep Divin' Raphael
Deep Divin' Donatello
Deep Divin' Leonardo

Ninja Action TMNT

Ninja Action Michelangelo
Ninja Action Raphael
Ninja Action Donatello
Ninja Action Leonardo

Turbo Bashers


Series 5.5

Usagi Yojimbo
Doctor Malignus

Ripped Up TMNT

Ripped Up Michelangelo
Ripped Up Raphael
Ripped Up Donatello
Ripped Up Leonardo

Ninja Knights TMNT

Ninja Knight Michelangelo
Ninja Knight Raphael
Ninja Knight Donatello
Ninja Knight Leonardo

Battle Nexus TMNT

Battle Nexus Leonardo
Battle Nexus Donatello
Battle Nexus Raphael
Battle Nexus Michelangelo

Battle Nexus Multiverse Champions 4 Pack (Canadian Release)

Mutations 2 Packs

Mutations: Don and Leo
Mutations: Foot Soldier VS Leo
Mutations: Mike and Raph
Mutations: Shredder VS Raph

Series 6

Ultimate Ninja
Ultimate Daimyo
Dark Assassin
Butterfly Swords

Air Ninjas

Foot Soldier

Elite Commando Box Set

Elite Commando Leonardo
Elite Commando Donatello
Elite Commando Raphael
Elite Commando Michelangelo

Leo vs Trex

Leonardo T-Rex

Giant Fighting Gear Turtles

Giant Fightin' Gear Leo
Giant Fightin' Gear Don
Giant Fightin' Gear Mike
Giant Fightin' Gear Raph

Crashin' Thrashin' Mikey

Mini Fightin' Gear Turtles

Mini Fightin' Gear Donatello
Mini Fightin' Gear Leonardo
Mini Fightin' Gear Michelangelo
Mini Fightin' Gear Raphael

Battle Bikes

Battle Bike Leonardo
Battle Bike Donatello
Battle Bike Michelangelo
Battle Bike Raphael

Basic Vehicles

Turtle Tunneler
Shell Sub
Hover Chopper
Turtle Pogo Copter

Other Vehicles

Zanramon's Space Cruiser Sewer Lid Launcher S.W.A.T. Battle Pack

Ooze (not released in the US)

Ooze with premutated Leo
Ooze with premutated Mike
Ooze with premutated Don
Ooze with premutated Raph


Turtles VS Garbage Man Turtles VS Nanotech Monster Turtles VS Foot Ninja

Speedeez Sewer Loop

Ninja Gear

Leonardo Ninja Gear
Donatello Ninja Gear
Raphael Ninja Gear
Michelangelo Ninja Gear

Shell Shocker

Leonardo Shell Shocker Water Goggles
Donatello Shell Shocker Water Goggles
Raphael Shell Shocker Water Goggles
Michelangelo Shell Shocker Water Goggles
Shell Shocker Water Cannon

Mini Plush

Mini Plush Leonardo
Mini Plush Donatello
Mini Plush Raphael
Mini Plush Michelangelo

Ninjatronic Plush

Ninjatronic Leonardo
Ninjatronic Donatello
Ninjatronic Raphael
Ninjatronic Michelangelo

Japanese Exclusives

Folding Sewer Lair Playset

2005 Releases

Ninja Action Series 2

Ninja Action Splinter Ninja Action Shredder Ninja Action Foot Soldier

Robo Hunter TMNT

Robo Hunter Mike
Robo Hunter Don
Robo Hunter Raph
Robo Hunter Leo
Robo Hunter Don & Raph 2 Pack (Foreign Release)
Robo Hunter Mike & Leo 2 Pack (Foreign Release)

Series seven

Hamato Yoshi
Feudal Shredder
General Blanque

Monster Trapper TMNT

Monster Trapper Michelangelo
Monster Trapper Raphael
Monster Trapper Donatello
Monster Trapper Leonardo

Mystic Fury figures

Mystic Fury Mike
Mystic Fury Don
Mystic Fury Raph
Mystic Fury Leo

Gold Ninja Knights (Canadian/Walmart.com Exclusive)

Ninja Knight Mike
Ninja Knight Don
Ninja Knight Raph
Ninja Knight Leo

Bonus Two Packs

Leonardo/Silver Sentry
Michelangelo/Ultimate Ninja
Raphael/Foot Gunner
Fightin' Gear Leonardo/Giant Mouser
Space Hoppin' Leo/Foot Elite Guard
Turtle Titan Mike/Foot Fire Mystic
Biker Don/Multi Arm Shredder
Deep Divin' Raph/Hun
April O'Neil/Casey Jones
Space Hoppin' Donatello/Space Hoppin' Michelangelo

Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors Mike
Combat Warriors Don
Combat Warriors Raph
Combat Warriors Leo
Combat Warriors Shredder

Mini Ripped Up Turtles

Mini Ripped Up Mike
Mini Ripped Up Don
Mini Ripped Up Raph
Mini Ripped Up Leo

Walkin' Wind Up

Walkin' Wind Up Mike
Walkin' Wind Up Don
Walkin' Wind Up Raph
Walkin' Wind Up Leo

DVD Bonus figures

Scootin' Leo
Fightin' Gear Leonardo
Mystic Fury Leonardo
Robo Hunter Leonardo
Toddler Turtles
Usagi Yojimbo
Skatin' Raph
Fightin' Gear Raphael
Mystic Fury Raphael
Robo Hunter Raphael
Thrashin' Mike
Fightin' Gear Michelangelo
Mystic Fury Michelangelo
April O'neil
Casey Jones
Biker Don
Fightin' Gear Donatello
Mystic Fury Donatello
Triceraton Warrior
Baxter Stockman
Minnetonka Mutant
Armorized Shredder
Feudal Shredder
Foot Soldier
Claw Shredder

Series Eight

Karai Minnetonka Mutant

Airborne Assault Mini Turtles

Airborne Assault Don
Airborne Assault Leo
Airborne Assault Raph
Airborne Assault Mike

Raph vs Yeti

Raphael Yeti

M.E.S.S. Turtles

M.E.S.S. Leonardo
M.E.S.S. Donatello
M.E.S.S. Raphael
M.E.S.S. Michelangelo

Shell Kicker Turtles

Shell Kicker Leo
Shell Kicker Raph
Shell Kicker Don
Shell Kicker Mike

Paleo Partol Figures

Paleo Patrol Leo
Paleo Patrol Raph
Paleo Patrol Raptor
Paleo Patrol Don
Paleo Patrol Mike
Paleo Patrol Pterodon
Paleo Patrol Splinter
Savanti Romero
Paleo Patrol Triceratops

TMNT Easter Egg

Easter Egg

Battle Nexus Bikes

Planet Racers Cycle Moto-Psycho

Shell Striker Vehicles

Terra Razor Hydro Blade Strata Slicer

Combat Cruisers

Combat Cruisers Leo
Combat Cruisers Don
Combat Cruisers Mike
Combat Cruisers Raph

M.E.C.H. Wrekkers

M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Leo
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Don
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Mike
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Raph

S.W.A.T. sets

S.W.A.T. Attack Pack S.W.A.T. Assault Pack

Paleo Patrol Vehicles

Dino Capture Vehicle Dino Bike

Paleo Patrol Dino Runners

Allosaurus Triceratops

Misc Vehicles

Mutant Copter Sewer Spewer Tricera-Tank

Electronic Stealth FX Weapons

Electronic Stealth FX Bo Staff
Electronic Stealth FX Nunchakus
Electronic Stealth FX Katanas
Electronic Stealth FX Sais

Bandana FX Masks

Bandana FX Don
Bandana FX Leo
Bandana FX Mike
Bandana FX Raph

Shooting Weapons

Don's Bo Blaster
Leo's Katana Thrower
Mike's Nunchaku Chucker
Raph's Sai Slinger

Combat Warrior Gear

Combat Warrior Gear Don
Combat Warrior Gear Leo
Combat Warrior Gear Mike
Combat Warrior Gear Raph

Sour Power Mutant Maker

2006 Releases

Series Nine

Mutated Don
Rat King
Agent Bishop
Baxter Robot

Shell-astic Turtles

Shellastic Leo
Shellastic Mike
Shellastic Don
Shellastic Raph

Movie Action Hero Turtles

Movie Action Hero Leo
Movie Action Hero Mike
Movie Action Hero Don
Movie Action Hero Raph

Paleo Patrol Vehicles

Paleo Patrol Sabre Cycle

Paleo Patrol Attack Crawlers

Donatello's Attack Crawler
Leonardo's Attack Crawler
Michelangelo's Attack Crawler
Raphael's Attack Crawler

Bonus 2-Packs

Battle Nexus Michelangelo/Leonardo
Battle Nexus Raph/Ripped Up Leo
Ninja Knights Leonardo/ Ripped Up Donatello
Space Hoppin' Donatello/ Space Hoppin' Michelangelo
Ripped Up Michelangelo/Space Hoppin' Leonardo
Toddler Turtles/Battle Nexus Leonardo
Battle Nexus Donatello/Michelangelo
Ninja Knights Donatello/Ripped Up Raphael
Space Hoppin' Leonardo/Ripped Up Michelangelo
Fighting Gear Leonardo/Shredder
Leonardo/Triceraton Warrior

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