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1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997

1988 releases

Basic assortment

Foot Soldier 
April O'Neil 


Turtle Blimp
Party Wagon
Turtle Trooper

Gags, Jokes and Crazy Weapons

Set #1: Squirting ring
Set #2: Disappearing ink
Set #3: Razzer

Turtle Battle Fun Role Play Accessory Sets


1989 Releases

Basic assortment

Ace Duck
Genghis Frog
Baxter Stockman
Casey Jones
Rat King
Usagi Yojimbo
General Traag

Wacky action figures

Rock 'N' Roll Michaelangelo
Sewer Swimmin' Donatello
Breakfightin' Raphael

Sewer Tubes

Sewer Party Tube Sewer Army Tube

Crazy Artillery

Retrocatapult Flushomatic Double Barreled Plunger Gun

Other Vehicles & Accessories

Turtlecycle Footski Pizza Thrower
Foorcruiser Retromutagen Ooze Sewer Playset

Turtle Plush

9" Turtle Plush with Suction cups
13" Turtle Plush with Suction cups
13" Turtle Plush

1990 Releases

Basic Assortment

Disguised Turtles

Leo, the sewer samurai
Don, the undercover turtle
Raph, the space cadet
Mike, the sewer surfer

Basic Figures

Don, the storage shell turtle
Wingnut & Screwloose
Muckman & Joe Eyeball
Ray Fillet
Panda Khan
Mutagen Man
Mondo Gecko
Napoleon Bonafrog

Wacky Action

(included the figures from the first assortment)
Sword Slicin' Leonardo Creepy Crawlin' Splinter Slice 'N Dice Shredder

Giant Turtles

Giant Leonardo
Giant Michaelangelo
Giant Raphael
Giant Donatello

Wacky Weapons

Oozey Sewer Seltzer Cannon

Wacky Vehicles

Sludgemobile Toilet Taxi

Pizza Powered Vehicles

Psycho Cycle Sewer Dragster

Mega Mutants

Needlenose Killer Bee

Other Vehicles & Play Sets

Turtle Copter Mutant Module Technodrome

Role Play & Misc Toys

Raphael's Sewer Spy Goggles
Michaelangelo's Sewer Exploration Belt
Raphael Santa Plush
Mutant Maker
Leonardo's Sewer Force Sword

1991 Releases

Basic assortment

Sports Turtles

Grand Slammin' Raph
Shell Kickin' Raph
T.D. Tossin' Leo
Shell Slammin' Mike
Slam Dunkin' Don
Slap Shot Leo

Rock'N Rollin' Turtles

Rappin' Mike
Classic Rocker Leo
Punker Don
Heavy Metal Raph

Storage Shell Turtles

Leonardo, with storage shell
Raphael, with storage shell
Michaelangelo, with storage shell
Donatello, with storage shell (same as previous release)

Mutant Military

Pro Pilot Don
Lieutenant Leo
Midshipman Mike
Raph, the Green Teen Beret

other figures

Skateboardin' Mike
Sergeant Bananas
Space Usagi
Super Shredder
Hose'm Down Don
Zak, the Neutrino
Make My Day Leo
Chrome Dome

Talkin' Turtles

Talkin' Leonardo
Talkin' Raphael
Talkin' Donatello
Talkin' Michaelangelo
Quip Strips Accessory Pack

Headdroppin' Turtles

Headdroppin' Don
Headdroppin' Leo
Headdroppin' Raph
Headdroppin' Mike

Wacky Action Figures

(these were shipped with the previous Wacky Action figures)
Machine Gunnin' Rocksteady Head Spinnin' Bebop

Giant Bad Boys

Giant Rocksteady Giant Bebop

Krang's Android Body

Wacky Action Accessories

Mike's Pizza Chopper Backpack Don's Telephone Line Rider Backpack

Wacky Action Vehicles

Leo's Jolly Turtle Tubboat Don's Kookie Carnival Car

Monster Mutant 4x4's

Shell Top 4x4

Other Vehicles & Misc

Ninja Newscycle
Turtle Tank
Sewer Sub
Turtle Blimp II
Leo's Turtle Trike
Cheapskate II
Raph's Sewer Speedboat
Mike's Kowabunga Beach Buggy
Raph's Turtle Dragster
Retromutagen Foot Ooze

Mutant Armory

Michaelangelo's Bugchuku Set Raphael's Pizza Sai Set

Role Play & Misc Toys

Tokka Battle Fun Set
Don's Sewer Squirter
Turtle Communicator
Turtle Dashboard
Sewer Sports Balls (all four Turtles)
Sewer Sports Football


23" Turtle Plush

1992 Releases

Turtle Games

Track 'n Field Leo
Super-Swimmin' Raph
Hot Doggin' Mike
Powerliftin' Don


Mutatin' Michaelangelo
Mutatin' Donatello
Mutatin' Splinter
Mutatin' Leonardo
Mutatin' Bebop
Mutatin' Raphael
Mutatin' Rocksteady

Smash'em Bash'em figures

Kowabunga Kickboxin' Leo
Power-punchin' Rocksteady
Karate Choppin' Mike
Ninja Knockin' Bebop

Movie Star Turtles

Movie Star Don
Movie Star Leo
Movie Star Mike
Movie Star Raph

Sewer Spitting Turtles

Lifeguard Leo
Sewer-cyclin' Raph
Spike 'N Volley Don
Beachcombin' Mike

Wacky Wild West Turtles

Chief Leo
Sewer Scout Raph
Crazy Cowboy Don
Bandito-Bashin Mike

Bodacious Birthday Turtles

Raph, the Magnificent
Crazy Clownin' Mike
Classic Party-Reptile Leo

Mutant Military II

Delta Team Don
Navy Seal Mike
Kookie Kavalry Leo
Private Porknose Bebop
Yankee Doodle Raph
Dim Wit Doughboy Rocksteady

Basic assortment

April II
Monty Moose
April, the Ninja Newscaster
Rock 'N Roll Mondo Gecko
King Lionheart
Scale Tail
April, the Ravishing Reporter
Movie Star Splinter
Doctor El
Movie Star Footsoldier

Giant Figures

Giant Slam Dunkin' Don

Cave Turtles

Cave-Turtle Leo and his Dingy Dino

Misc Vehicles

Samurai Scooter
Sewer Sandcruiser

Bubble Bomber
Leo's Bodacious Buggy
Rock 'N Roll Muta Bus

Misc. Toys

Collector 4 Pack (Target Exclusive)
5th Anniversary Collector Turtle
Raphael, your ninja practice pal
Sewer Sports Soccer Ball
My First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Role Play Toys

Turtle Bubble Sword

1993 Releases

Sewer Heros

Super Mike
Super Don
Mighty Bebop

other figures

Mona Lisa
Robotic Bebop
Hot Spot
Robotic Rocksteady


Mutatin' April
Mutatin' Tokka
Mutatin' Shredder
Mutatin' Rahzar
Mutatin' Foot Soldier

Road Ready Mutations

Road Ready Leo
Road Ready Shredder
Road Ready Splinter
Road Ready Don

Auto Mutations

Night Ninja Rocksteady
Night Ninja Raph
Night Ninja Bebop
Night Ninja Don
Night Ninja Mike
Night Ninja Leo

Movie III Figures

Samurai Don
Samurai Mike
Samurai Leo
Princess Mitsu
Samurai Raph

Toon Figures

Toon Leo
Toon Mike
Toon Raph
Toon Don
Toon Shredder

Universial Studios Monsters

Mike as Frankenstein
Don as Dracula
Raph as The Mummy
Leo as The Wolfman

Turtle Trolls

Turtle Troll Don
Turtle Troll Mike
Turtle Troll Raph
Turtle Troll Leo

Ninja Action

Somersault Samurai Leo
Jump Attack Jujitsu Raph
Black Belt Boxer Mike
Cartwheelin Karate Don

Giant Movie Star Turtles

Giant Movie Star Leo
Giant Movie Star Mike
Giant Movie Star Raph
Giant Movie Star Don

Giant Mutations

Giant Mutatin' Leo
Giant Mutatin' Mike
Giant Mutatin' Raph
Giant Mutatin' Don

Giant Movie III Samurai Turtles

Samurai Raph Samurai Leo

Movie III Samurai Warhorses

Samurai Rebel Warhorse with Rebel Soldier
Samurai Evil Warhorse with Castle Guard

Misc Movie III Vehicles

Turtlepult with Whit

Farmer Turtles

Farmer Mike with Turtle Tractor

Cave Turtles

Cave Turtle Raph with Tubular Pterodactyl
Cave Turtle Mike with Silly Stegosaurus
Cave Turtle Don with Trippy Tyrannosaurus
Cave Turtle Leo with Dingy Dino


Toon Cycle with Toon Raph
Channel 6 News Van with Toon April
Technodrome Scout Vehicle
Don's Pizza Powered Parachute
Ninja Grapplor

Role Play Toys

Movie III Samurai Fun Set: Samurai Mike
Movie III Samurai Sword
Movie III Samurai Fun Set: Samurai Raph

Ninja Practice Pals

Leonardo, your ninja practice pal
Michaelangelo, your ninja practice pal
Raphael, your ninja practice pal
Donatello, your ninja practice pal

1994 Releases


Shogun Mike
Shogun Splinter
Shogun Tricerton
Shogun Leo
Shogun April
Shogun Raph
Shogun Shredder
Shogun Don
Shogun Shoate

Universial Monsters (second series)

Invisible Man Michaelangelo
Bride of Frankenstein April
Creature from the Black Lagoon Leonardo
The Mutant Raphael

Star Trek

Capt. Leo
Chief Engineer Mike
First Officer Don
Chief Med. Officer Raph

Undercover Turtles

Undercover Don
Undercover Raph
Undercover Mike
Undercover Leo

Apollo 11 Turtles

Touchdown Donatello
Lunar Leonardo
Retro Rocket Raphael
Moon Landin' Michaelangelo

Warriors of the Forgotten Sewer

Dwarf Don
Warrior Bebop
Barbarian Leo
Gate Keeper Rocksteady

other figures

Krang's Android Body Robotic Foot Soldier

Mighty Mutations

Airforce Mutation Don
Construction Mutation Don
Construction Mutation Mike
Airforce Mutation Raph
Construction Mutation Leo

Pizza Tossin' Turtles


Kung-Fu TMNT Tournament Fighters

Kung-Fu Donatello
Kung-Fu Raphael
Kung-Fu Michaelangelo
Kung-Fu Rocksteady

Cyber Samurai Figures

Cyber Samurai Don
Cyber Samurai Leo
Cyber Samurai Mike
Cyber Samurai Raph
Cyber Samurai Shredder
Cyber Samurai Bebop

Kowabunga Crackin' Turtle Egg

Eggsplodin' Donatello
Breakin' Loose Leonardo
Hero Hatchin' Michaelangelo
Shell Splittin' Raphael

Giant Troll Turtles

Giant Turtle Troll Don
Giant Turtle Troll Leo
Giant Turtle Troll Mike
Giant Turtle Troll Raph

Farmer Turtles

Farmer Don with Modern Mutant Tractor

Bodacious Biker Turtles

Cruisin' Leo with Classic Sewer Cycle Road Racin' Mike with Kowabunga Bike

Sewer Surfin' Ninja Tubes

Surfer Leo with Mondo Mutant Surfer Tube Scuba Divin' Raph with Psych Out Spin Out Scuba Tube

Cave Turtles

Cave Beast Bebop with Bodacious Brontosaurus Cave Woman April with Radical Raptor

Misc Vehicles

Pizza Powered Turtle Prop Pizza Skimmin' Jetboat

Mini Mutant Play Sets

Tokka Technodrome Playset Raph Feudal Castle Playset Leo Lair Playset

Role Play Toys

Talkin' Turtle Communicator

1995 Releases


Warrior Winged Leonardo
Warrior Chrome Dome
Warrior Winged Donatello
Warrior Rocksteady
Warrior Meatalhead Michaelangelo

Adventurer Turtles

Artic Donatello
Deepsea Diver Leonardo
Safari Michaelangelo

Sumo Turtles

Sumo Michaelangelo Sumo Raphael


Supermutant Raphael
Supermutant Donatello
Supermutant Bebop
Supermutant Michaelangelo
Supermutant Splinter
Supermutant Rocksteady
Supermutant Leonardo
Supermutant Shredder

Super Turtles (Japanese Supermutants)

Supermutant Raphael
Supermutant Donatello

Supermutant Michaelangelo
Supermutant Leonardo
Turtle Saint
Devil Shredder
Dark Devil Shredder

Jim Lee TMNT

Donatello Raphael Michaelangelo

Metal Mutants

Donatello with Lion Spirit Armor
Michaelangelo with Beetle Spirit Armor
Shredder with Tiger Spirit Armor
Raphael with Phoenix Spirit Armor
Leonardo with Dragon Spirit Armor

Ninja Shooters



Super Mutants Cyclone Cycle Metal Mutant Cycle

Mini-Mutant Turtle-Top Playsets

Leonardo's Mutant Military Playset
Raphael's Baseball Playset
Donatello's Basketball Playset
Cave Bebop Dino Playset
Michaelangelo's Football Playset
Michaelangelo's Adventurer Playset

Mini-Mutant Playsets

Donatello Sewer-Hero Playset Michaelangelo Space Station Playset

Mini-Mutant Metallized Playsets

Metallized Series Tokka Technodrome Playset Metallized Series Raph Feudal Castle Playset Metallized Series Leo Lair Playset

Mini-Mutant Turtle Transports

Mutant Military Combo
High Flyin' & Road Raggin' Combo
Turtle Teenderizin' Combo
Crushin' Slam Bam Combo
War Corps Combo
Totally Tiny Turtle Combo
Metallized Motorin' Combo
Metallized Turtle Travelin' Combo
Dino Jammin' Combo
Mighty Muscle Combo
Firefightin' Frenzy Combo
Pizza Police Combo

Mini-Mutant Bodacious Battlesets

City Wars
Sewer Wars
Pizza Wars
Dimension X Wars

Mini-Mutant Carry Along Playsets

Carry Along Katana Playset Carry Along Sai Playset Carry Along Communicator Playset

Mini-Mutant Cyber Playsets

Cyber-Jet Playset Cyber-Rover Playset

Mini-Mutant Party Wagon Playset

Mini-Mutant Japanese Sets

Set 1: Super Turtles
Set 2: Military Set
Set 3: Leonardo Set
Set 4: ?????
Set 5: ?????
Set 6: Metallized Motorin' Combo
Set 7: Metallized Turtle Travelin' Combo
Super Turtles (small set)

Mini-Mutant Super Trailer

1996 Releases

Muta Force Turtles

Robomatic Raphael
Dynatronic Donatello
Andro-Skeleton Leonardo
Robotation Michaelangelo

Coil Force Turtles

Coil Cool Donatello
Lickety-Split Leonardo
Mighty Mech Michaelangelo
Rapid Recoilin' Raphael

Mini-Mutant Turtle in a Turtle Playsets

Raphael's Samurai Sewer Lair Playset
Leonardo's Battle Castle Playset
Donatello's Doomsday Defense Base Playset
Michaelangelo's Cyber-Command Center Playset

Ninja Power Rereleases

Pizza Tossin' Turtles


HeadDroppin' Dudes

Headdroppin' Don
Headdroppin' Leo
Headdroppin' Raph
Headdroppin' Mike

Sewer Spittin' Turtles

Lifeguard Leo
Sewer-cyclin' Raph
Spike 'N Volley Don
Beachcombin' Mike

Ninja Action Turtles

Somersault Samurai Leo
Jump Attack Jujitsu Raph
Cartwheelin Karate Don

Kung-Fu TMNT Tournament Fighters

Kung-Fu Donatello
Kung-Fu Raphael
Kung-Fu Michaelangelo
Kung-Fu Rocksteady


Mutatin' Michaelangelo
Mutatin' Donatello
Mutatin' Splinter
Mutatin' Shredder
Mutatin' Leonardo
Mutatin' Bebop
Mutatin' Foot Soldier
Mutatin' April
Mutatin' Raphael
Mutatin' Rocksteady
Mutatin' Rahzar
Mutatin' Tokka

1997 Releases

Mutant Masters

Fire Warrior Raphael
Water Warrior Donatello
Thunder Warrior Michaelangelo
Wind Warrior Leonardo

Dino Figures

Tricera Mike
Pterano Don
Stego Raph
Tyranno Shredder
Ankyl Leo

Stretch Figures

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