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Farmer Mike and his Turtle Tractor

Stock No. 5307

Pack-in Figure

Farmer Mike Front and back


Spiky Foot-skewerin' Pitchfork
Sand-shiftin' Shovel

Favorite Crop:


Favorite Fertilizer:


Favorite Chore:

Eatin' Pizza


When Mike gets tired of the rat race (no offense Splinter), he likes to get back to nature. Farmin' the land in his classic Turtle-textured tractor and growin' all natural pizzas, Farmer Mike is gettin' back to basics. That Turtle tractor makes the simple life even simpler - plantin' and harvestin' time is easy when Mike's in gear, riding atop the green machine. And the action tractor is the perfect way to mow down the Foot, too! It's sad but true - every now and then, Mike has to pull a few weeds and whack a few Foot. His sand-shiftin' shovel makes diggin' and whackin' quick and decisive. Mike's also ripe 'n ready with his Spiky Foot-skewerin' Pitchfork - perfect fer pluckin' pizzas and skewerin' those city slicker Foot folk. When Farmer Mike gets done plowin' down the Foot into fertilizer, he gets to harvestin' his all natural pizzas. Some of 'em grow as tall as corn stalks. Now that's the life.

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