Figure with dino

Cave-Turtle Leo and his Dingy Dino

The First Collectible Turtle Combe!

Stock No. 5301

Vital Stonetistics


Kowabunga Cave Boy Katana
Critter Crushin' Club
Turtle-textured Saddle and Reins

Favorite Cave:

Cro Magnon

Favorite Food:

Brontosaurus Pizza


Scales not available


He's large; he's lumbering; he's Leo - but he's a little older than you remember him. Actually, Cave-Turtle Leo's the prehistoric ancestor of Turtle leader, Leonardo. This jujitsu jungle boy is still a Green Teen, but he does more grunting than you might expect. He's out to track down Foot fossils and turn them into nifty Ninja necklaces. Leo's critter crushin' club is the perfect primative Turtle tool to whip up some appetizers. And when Leo gets real hungry, he takes Dingy, his dino pal, along to sniff for Foot food. Together they make the world;s first cave-swelling collectible combo to ever face the fossilized Foot Clan. But don't worry kids, with Cave-Turtle Leo's awesome array of wayback weapons, he's one Neanderthal Ninja who makes the Stone Age rock!


Original Box
original box front
original box back
1993 release Box

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