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Rise of the TMNT Toy Line

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Additional Toy Lines
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2012 releases

Nickelodeon Figures Series 1

Foot Soldier
April O'Neil

Nickelodeon Figures Series 2


San Diego Comic Con Promo

Night Shadow Leonardo

Nickelodeon Power Sound FX figures


Classic Collection


Battle Shell

Battle Shell Leonardo
Battle Shell Michaelangelo
Battle Shell Donatello
Battle Shell Raphael

Basic Vehicle Assortment One

Rippin' Rider
Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard & Stunt Ramp

Deluxe Vehicle/Figure Assortment One

Ninja Stealth Bike
Dragon Chopper

Shell Raiser

Shell Raiser

Play Set

Secret Sewer Lair Play Set

Ninja Combat Gear Sets

Ninja Combat Gear Leonardo
Ninja Combat Gear Donatello
Ninja Combat Gear Raphael
Ninja Combat Gear Michelangelo


Leonardo's Electronic Stealth Sword

2013 releases

Ooze Throwing Turtles (Series 3)

Ooze Launchin' Leo
Ooze Scoopin's Donnie
Ooze Tossin' Raph
Ooze Chuckin' Mikey

Series 4

Baxter Stockman

Series 5

Stealth Tech Raphael
Stealth Tech Leonardo
Stealth Tech Michelangelo
Stealth Tech Donatello
Cockroach Terminator
The Rat King

Series 6

Ninjas in Training Leonardo & Donatello
Ninjas in Training Michelangelo & Raphael
Shredder (2nd ver.)
Spider Bytes

Battle Shell Turtles (Series 7)

Battle Shell Leonardo
Battle Shell Donatello
Battle Shell Raphael
Battle Shell Michelangelo

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

Playmates Comic Con Shredder


Flingers Leonardo
Flingers Donatello
Flingers Raphael
Flingers Michelangelo

Throw N' Battle Turtles

Throw N' Battle Leonardo
Throw N' Battle Donatello
Throw N' Battle Raphael
Throw N' Battle Michelangelo

Classic Collection Reissue Figures


Classic Collection Series Two

Rocksteady Bebop

Misc Figures

Mini Turtle Figure 4-Pack
Ultimate Showdown DVD Shredder

Giant Ninja in Training

Leonardo: ninja in training
Donatello: ninja in training
Raphael: ninja in training
Michelangelo: ninja in training

Basic Vehicle Assortment Two

Drop Copter
Sewer Cruiser

Basic Vehicle Assortment Three

MMX Cycle
Hover Drone

Deluxe Vehicle Assortment Two

Ninja AT-3

Patrol Buggies

Leo & Donnie's Patrol Buggies
Raph & Mikey's Patrol Buggies

Misc Vehicles

Ninja Control Shellraiser

Classic Collection Vehicles

Party Wagon
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Leonardo
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Raphael

Play Sets

Anchovy Alley Play Set


Mutagen Ooze (show version) Mutagen Ooze (multiple colors)

Role Playing

Interactive Turtle-Comm

Role Playing Masks

Donatello Deluxe Mask
Leonardo Deluxe Mask
Raphael Deluxe Mask
Michelangelo Deluxe Mask
Shredder Deluxe Mask

MISC Role Playing Items

Combat Shell
Ultimate Ninja Turtle Pack Leonardo
Ultimate Ninja Turtle Pack Raphael

Dojo Role Play Accessories

Dojo Foam Weapons
Donatello's Bo Staff with blade
Raphael's Sais
Leonardo's Katana Sword
Michelangelo Nunchucks
Ninja Star Blaster
Inflatable Training Hands
Inflatable Training Bag

Ninja Practice Pals

Ninja Practice Pal Leonardo Ninja Practice Pal Raphael

2014 releases

Series Eight

Kirby Bat
Mutagen Man
Casey Jones

Series Nine

Dojo Splinter

Series 10

Leo The Knight
Donnie The Wizard
Raph The Barbarian
Mikey The Elf

Series 11

Original Comic Book Michelangelo
Original Comic Book Raphael
Original Comic Book Leonardo
Original Comic Book Donatello
Tiger Claw
Robotic Foot Soldier

Series 12 (Available as a Walmart Exclusive early release)

Bebop Rocksteady

Original Comic Book Turtle/Comic Packs (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Michelangelo Leonardo

3 Pack Exclusive Leonardo (Target Exclusive)

Sling Shout Turtles

Sling Shouts Leonardo
Sling Shouts Michelangelo
Sling Shouts Raphael
Sling Shouts Donatello

Ninja Action Turtles

Super Sidewindin' Leo Front Flippin' Raph Ninja Strikin' Mikey

Classic Collection Reissue Figures Series Two

Foot Soldier Krang

Classic Collection Series Three

1990 Movie Leonardo
1990 Movie Donatello
1990 Movie Raphael
1990 Movie Michelangelo

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Original Comic Book Raphael

Stretch 'N' Shout Turtles

Stretch 'N' Shout Leonardo Stretch 'N' Shout Raphael

Interactive Talking Turtles

Interactive Talking Leonardo Interactive Talking Michelangelo Interactive Talking Raphael
Interactive Talking Leonardo & Donatello Interactive Talking Michelangelo & Donatello Interactive Talking Raphael & Donatello

Misc. Figures

Giant Shredder

Basic Vehicle Assortment Four

Grass Kicker
Shell Flyer

Basic Vehicle Series Five

Leonardo's Patrol Buggy
Donatello's Patrol Buggy
Raphael's Patrol Buggy
Michelangelo's Patrol Buggy

Deluxe Vehicle/Figure Series Three

Turtle Sub

Deluxe Vehicle/Figure Series Four

Hot Rod

RC Patrol Buggies

Leonardo's RC Patrol Buggy Raphael's RC Patrol Buggy

Misc. Vehicles

High Flyin' Blimp

Z-Line Ninjas Basic Playsets

Fire Escape Free Fall
Window Wipeout

Z-Line Ninjas Deluxe Playsets

Billboard Breakout
Water Tower Washout

Half Shell Heroes Basic Assortment Series 1

Leo with glider wings
Mikey with skateboard
Splinter & April
Donnie with luge
Casey Jones & Metalhead
Kraang & Leatherhead
Raph with minibike
Shredder & Foot Soldier
Dogpound & Fishface

Half Shell Heroes Talking Figures

Talking Turtle Leo
Talking Turtle Mikey
Talking Turtle Donnie
Talking Turtles Raph
Talking Shredder

Half Shell Heroes Small Vehicles

Patrol Buggy with Racer Leo
Sewer Cruiser with Diver Mikey
Drop Copter with Pilot Raph
Rippin' Rider with Biker Donnie

Half Shell Heroes Medium Vehicle Assortment

Stealth Bike with Racer Raph Shred Tread with Shredder

Half Shell Heroes Practice Pals

Ninja Practice Pal Leonardo
Ninja Practice Pal Michelangelo
Ninja Practice Pal Raphael
Ninja Practice Pal Donatello

Half Shell Heroes Misc

Mega Mutant Leo Shellraiser with Driver Leo Super Sewer HQ with Mikey & Splinter

Ninja Practice Pals

Ninja Practice Pal Leonardo
Ninja Practice Pal Michelangelo
Ninja Practice Pal Raphael
Ninja Practice Pal Donatello

Sewer-Spewer Weapons

Sewer-Spewer Nunchucks Sewer-Spewer Katana


Ninja Turtles High-3 Hands Real Working Walkie Talkies Ninja Control Flying Mikey Secret Sewer Lair with Z-Line Set

24" Plush


Ninja Turtles (movie) Series 1

April O'Neil
Raph in Disguise
The Shredder
Foot Soldier

Ninja Turtles (movie) Combat Warriors


Ninja Turtles (movie) Box Sets

Evolution of Leonardo Evolution of Raphael

Ninja Turtles (movie) Giant Figures


Ninja Turtles (movie) Misc

Ninja Turtles Group Pack Turtle Assault Van Turtle Assault Van /w Leonardo

Ninja Turtles (movie) Combat Gear

Leonardo Combat Gear
Donatello Combat Gear
Raphael Combat Gear
Michelangelo Combat Gear

Ninja Turtles (movie) Deluxe Masks

Leonardo Deluxe Mask
Raphael Deluxe Mask
Michelangelo Deluxe Mask

Role Playing Masks

Casey Jones Deluxe Mask

Electronic Role Playing Masks

Electronic Leonardo Mask Electronic Michelangelo Mask

2015 releases

Series 12

Mystic Leonardo
Mystic Donatello
Mystic Michelangelo
Mystic Raphael

Series 13

Head Droppin' Leonardo
Head Droppin' Donatello
Head Droppin' Michelangelo
Head Droppin' Raphael
Mikey Turflytle
Karai Serpent

Series 14

Leonardo (Toon Repaint)
Donatello (Toon Repaint)
Michelangelo (Toon Repaint)
Raphael (Toon Repaint)
Monkey Brains
Napoleon Bonafrog

Series 15

Dimension X Leonardo
Dimension X Donatello
Savage Mikey
Dimension X Michelangelo
Dimension X Raphael
Mondo Gecko
Mutant Shredders
Atilla the Frog
Dark Beaver

Series 16 (Early Release)

Lord Dregg Mozar
(Mozar & Lord Dregg are Walmart Exclusives until 2016)

Goodie vs. Baddie Twin Packs (UK Releases)

Leonardo vs. Bebop Michelangelo vs. Rocksteady Raphael vs. Shredder

Mutations Mix & Match Figures

Tiger Claw

Mutations Mix & Match Figures Series 2

Casey Jones Rocksteady Bebop

Mutations Mix & Match Figures Series 3

Dogpound Rahzar Robotic Foot Soldier

Mutations Mix & Match 3 Figures Packs

Mikey, Dogpound & Raph Leo, Rahzar & Donnie

Mutations Battle Shell Turtles

Leonardo with Aerial Attack Battle Shell
Donatello with Recon Battle Shell
Raphael with Ground Pounder Battle Shell
Michelangelo with Stealth Battle Shell

Mutating Turtles


Hand-To-Hand Fighters


Mutations Turtles (Ninja Turtle into Weapon)

Leonardo Raphael Michelangelo

Classic Collection (2015 Releases)

Bebop Rocksteady

Basic Figure Exclusive Six Pack

Metal Mutants Turtles + Fugitoid 5 Pack

Ninja Control Leonardo

History Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles featuring Leonardo box set

Giant Head Droppin' Turtles

Head Droppin' Leonardo Head Droppin' Raphael

Giant Power Coil Turtles

Power Coil Leonardo Power Coil Michelangelo

Giant Dimension X Turtles

Leonardo Michelangelo Raphael

Comic Con Exclusive 11" Metal Mutant Leonardo

Basic Vehicle Series Six


Deluxe Figure/Vehicles Series 5

Tri-Flyer with Jet Jammin' Raph Quad Rotor with Cloud Cruisin' Leo

Deluxe Figure/Vehicles Series 6

Casey's Slamboni

Misc Vehicles

Party Wagon Turtle Turbo-Charger Pizza Thrower


Seccret Sewer Lair Playset with Dimension X Portal
Mutations Giant Leonardo Playset

T-Machines Single Pack Vehicles

Raph in Shellraiser
Leo in Stealth Bike
Raph in Monster Truck
Leo in AT-3
Splinter in Rat Attack
Tiger Claw in Safari Truck
Mikey in Hot Rod
Shredder in Shreddermobile
Mikey in Patrol Buggy
Donnie in Service Truck
Fishface in Shell Crusher

T-Machines Two Pack Vehicles

Raph in Shellraiser & Splinter in Rat Attack
Mikey in Hot Rod & Shredder in Shreddermobile
Leo in AT-3 & Fishface in Shell Crusher
Leo in Stealth Bike & Donnie in Service Truck
Raph in Monster Truck & Tiger Claw in Safari Truck

Talking T-Machines

Talking Raph in Extreme Speed Demon
Talking Leo in Extreme Party Wagon
Talking Mikey in Extreme Monster Truck
Talking Donnie in Extreme Big Rig


Leo & Shellraiser
Donnie & Patrol Buggy
Splinter & Rat Attack
Mikey & Party Van
Raph & Stealth Bike

Shredder & Shreddermobile
Triceraton & Destroyer

T-Machines Misc

Shell Launcher & Exclusive Mikey in Party Van
Garage & Lair Play Set
Sewer Gas Station Play Set
Turtles' Revenge Play Set
Leo's Auto-Tuner Party Van
Midnight Mutants 4 Vehicle Pack
Race To the Sewer Play Set

Half-Shell Heroes Plush


Half-Shell Heroes Series 2

Stockman-Fly & Slash Snakeweed & Spider Bytez Tiger Claw & Newtralizer

Half-Shell Heroes Series 3

Dojo Leo with Foot Soldier Dummy
Dojo Donnie with Training Target
Dojo Mikey with Training Bag
Dojo Raph with Shredder Dummy
Road Rescue Donnie
Policeman Leo
Bebop & Rocksteady

Half-Shell Heroes Blast to the Past Turtles

Leo & Triceratops
Donnie & T-Rex
Mikey & Brachiosaurus
Raph & Pteranodon

Half-Shell Heroes Small Vehicles Series 2

Tread Cycle with Tank Commander Raph Dune Duster with Off-Road Mikey

Half-Shell Heroes Small Vehicles Series 3

Stunt Plane with Daredevil Mikey

Half-Shell Heroes Boats

Dive Boat with Diver Donnie Fire Boat with Captain Raph

Half-Shell Heroes Mutations Vehicles

Shellraiser to Recycle Truck with Donnie Fire Truck to Tank with Raph

Half-Shell Heroes Medium Vehicles

Hovercraft with Sea Rescue Leo

Half-Shell Heroes Battle Pack

Half-Shell Heroes Ultimate Hero Leo

Half-Shell Heroes Bath Squirters

Single Packs


Three Packs

Leo, Splinter & Donnie 3 Pack Raph, Leatherhead & Mikey 3 Pack

Half-Shell Heroes Role Playing Items

Leo's Talking Katana Set
Donnie's Talking Bo Staff Set
Raph's Talking Sai Set
Mikey's Talking Nunchuck Set
Training Shell

Power Sound FX Role Playing Sets

Power Sound FX Leo's Combat Gear
Power Sound FX Donnie's Combat Gear
Power Sound FX Raph's Combat Gear
Power Sound FX Mikey's Combat Gear

Ninja Combat Gear Role Playing Sets (Repackaged Movie Sets)

Leonardo Ninja Combat Gear
Donatello Ninja Combat Gear
Michelangelo Ninja Combat Gear
Raphael Ninja Combat Gear


Leonardo's Ninja Strike Katana

Dimension X Ninja Combat Gear

Leonardo Ninja Combat Gear
Donatello Ninja Combat Gear
Michelangelo Ninja Combat Gear
Raphael Ninja Combat Gear

2016 Releases

Series 16

Eye-Poppin' Leo
Tongue-Poppin' Mikey
Dimension X April
Spittin' Michelangelo
Spittin' Raphael
Dimension X Casey Jones
Shadow Ninja Color Change Leo
Shadow Ninja Color Change Mikey
Lord Dregg

Series 17

Ninja Strike Leo
Ninja Strike Donnie
Ninja Kick Mikey
Ninja Kick Raph
Tongue-Poppin' Donnie
Dire Beaver

Series 18

Spyline Leo
Spyline Donnie
Spyline Mikey
Spyline Raph

Super Shredder Assortment

This assortment was exclusive to Target for December of 2016.
The figures were later released with new item numbers as
part of the basic figure assortment.
Super Ninja Leo
Super Ninja Donnie
Super Ninja Mikey
Super Ninja Raph
Super Shredder

Combat Pack Repaint Twin Packs (UK Exclusives)

Leonardo & Mutagen Man Michelangelo & Fishface

Mutations Twist-N-Mutate Turtles

Twist-N-Mutate Leonardo Twist-N-Mutate Raphael Twist-N-Mutate Michelangelo

Squeeze 'Ems Turtles

Squeeze 'Ems Leonardo Squeeze 'Ems Michelangelo

Classic Collection Series 4

Touchdown Tossin' Leonardo Delta Donatello Skateboardin' Michelangelo

Classic Collection Series 5

Super Donatello Super Mikey Military Leonardo

Classic Collection Secret of the Ooze Turtles


Classic Collection Mini Turtles

Leonardo & Donatello
Raphael & Michelangelo
Leonardo & Splinter
Raphael & Foot Soldier
Donatello & Shredder
Michelangelo & Casey Jones

WWE Ninja Superstars

Leonardo as John Cena
Donatello as Undertaker
Raphael as Sting
Michelangelo as "Macho Man" Randy Savage

Stackable Mystery Figures

Armored Leonardo

Surprise Mini-Figures

OOTS Donatello
OOTS Michelangelo
Diamond Edition Leonardo
Diamond Edition Raphael
OOTS Raphael

OOTS Rocksteady

Surprise Mini-Figures Series 2

Stealth Leonardo
Stealth Donatello
Diamond Edition Donatello
Stealth Raphael
Stealth Michelangelo
Foot Ninja

OotS Leonardo
OotS Bebop

Misc Items

Talk-To-Me Mikey

Mutations Giant Mutating Turtles

Mutations Giant Leonardo Mutations Giant Raphael

Giant Roll-N-Punch Turtles

Roll-N-Punch Leo Roll-N-Punch Mikey

Deluxe Vehicle/Figure Series Seven

Fugitoid Ship

Misc Vehicles

Shellraiser (green repaint)

TMNT Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows Basic Assortment 1

Casey Jones
Leonardo in Stealth Disguise
Michelangelo in Pirate Costume
Raphael in Wingsuit
The Shredder
Foot Soldier

Series 1.1 (these were added to the assortment later)
April O'Neil Casey Jones (unmasked)

Out of the Shadows Ninja Duel Two Packs

Rocksteady vs Leonardo
Shredder vs Donatello
Bebop vs Raphael
Kraang vs Michelangelo

Out of the Shadows Surprise Mini-Figures

Shadow Ninja Leonardo
Shadow Ninja Donatello

Shadow Ninja Michelangelo
Shadow Ninja Raphael

Out of the Shadows Battle Sounds Deluxe Figures

Battle Sounds Leonardo
Battle Sounds Donatello
Battle Sounds Raphael
Battle Sounds Michelangelo
Battle Sounds Rocksteady
Battle Sounds Bebop

Out of the Shadows Giant Figures


Out of the Shadows Figure/Vehicles Sets

Street Speeder with Exclusive Leonardo
Ragin' Racer with Exclusive Raphael
Rhino Chopper with Exclusive Rocksteady
Warthog Trike with Exclusive Bebop
Polaris Slingshot with Exclusive Michelangelo

TMNT Out of the Shadows T-Machines

Ninja Racin' Leo
Turtle Tankin' Raph
Ninja Boardin' Mikey
Trash Truckin' Donnie
Chopper Racin' Rocksteady

OOTS T-Sprints

Leonardo with cycle
Donatello with trash truck
Michelangelo with rocket board
Raphael with TMNT tank
Rocksteady with chopper trike
Bebop with chopper trike

Out of the Shadows Misc Items

Mutant Melee 6-Pack Turtle Tactical Truck Sewer Lair T-Machines Movie Mayhem Pack
Giant Figure 4-Pack SDCC Bebop with Chrome Trike Technodrome Turtle Tactical Truck /w bonus Leonardo
Blu-Ray with Mini Figure Six Pack

Out of the Shadows Deluxe Masks

Leonardo Deluxe Mask Michelangelo Deluxe Mask Raphael Deluxe Mask

Out of the Shadows Conceal & Reveal Role Play weapons

Leonardo's Conceal & Reveal Sword
Donatello's Conceal & Reveal Bo Staff
Raphael's Conceal & Reveal Sai
Michelangelo's Conceal & Reveal Nunchuk

Out of the Shadows Misc Role Playing Items

Leonardo's Electronic Battle Sword Extreme Battle Shell Ninja Turtles Battle Pack Leonardo Ninja Turtles Battle Pack Michelangelo

T-Machines Single Pack Vehicles

Raph in Armored Truck Donnie in patrol Buggy Casey Jones in Ice Machine

T-Machines One Touch Mutations

One-Touch Leo One-Touch Mikey One-Touch Shredder

T-Machines Misc

TCRI Tower & Subway

T-Sprints Misc

Sewer Duel Playset

Half-Shell Heroes Blast From the Past Series 2

Bebop & Raptor Rocksteady & Spinosaurus Splinter & Shredder

Half-Shell Heroes Series 6

Dojo Donnie with Training Target Kirby Bat & Mutagen Man Rahzar & Cockroach

Half-Shell Heroes Series 7

Leo with Power Saw
Mikey with Bulldozer
Raph with Jackhammer
Donnie with Cement Mixer
Fireman Raph
EMT Mikey
Space Rescue Leo with Jetpack
Space Rescue Mikey with Hoverboard

Half-Shell Heroes 6 Inch Weapon Swinging Turtles

Katana-Crossing Leo
Bo-Spinning Donnie
Nunchuk-Twirling Mikey
Sai-Swinging Raph

Half-Shell Heroes 6 Inch Press 'N Shout Turtles

Press 'N Shout Leo
Press 'N Shout Donnie
Press 'N Shout Mikey
Press 'N Shout Raph

Half-Shell Heroes Small Vehicles Series 4

Stegosaurus with Mikey Pterodactyl with Raph Robo Raptor with Triceraton

Half-Shell Heroes Small Vehicles Series 5

Demolition Drill with Leo Shelldozer with Raph

Half-Shell Heroes Mutations Vehicles Series Two

Race Car to Police Car with Leo

Half-Shell Heroes Large Vehicles with Figures

Mutant Loader with Mikey T-Rex with Donnie T-Rex with Leo

Half-Shell Heroes Misc.

Party Wagon with Donnie Half-Shell Heroes Half-Shell Headquarters Half-Shell Heroes Turtle Dino 8-Pack

T-Blasts Basic Dart Guns

Double-Barrel Leonardo
Double-Barrel Donatello
Crossbow Michelangelo
Double-Barrel Raphael

T-Blasts Quad-Blaster Dart Guns

Quad-Blaster Leonardo Quad-Blaster Raphael

T-Blasts Talking Dart Guns

Talking Shell Cannon Leonardo Talking Shell Cannon Michelangelo

T-Blasts Character Dart Refill Packs

Set #1 (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Rocksteady, Shredder and Tiger Claw)
Set #2 (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Bebop and Splinter)

Leo & Raph Walkie-Talkie Set

Super Shredder Role Play Sets

Super Ninja Leo Super Ninja Raph

T-Blasts Super Shredder Dart Gun

2017 releases

Series 19

Super Ninja Leo
Super Ninja Donnie
Super Ninja Mikey
Super Ninja Raph
Super Shredder
Crimson Leader
Knockout Ninja Leo

Tales of the TMNT: The Samurai Series (Series 20)

Samurai Leo
Samurai Donnie
Samurai Raph
Samurai Mikey
Usagi Yojimbo
Samurai Usagi

Tales of the TMNT Repaints

Battle Shell Leonardo
Battle Shell Donatello
Battle Shell Michelangelo
Battle Shell Raphael
Mighty Leo
Tech Donnie
Jokester Mikey
Hothead Raph
Rookies in Training Mikey & Raph
Rookies in Training Leo & Donnie
Lethal Robotic Foot Soldier
Mastermind Baxter Fly
Mystic April O'Neil
Sensei Splinter
Vigilante Casey Jones
Ragin' Leatherhead
Savage Rahzar
Fierce Fishface
Toxic Mutagen Man
Brutal Shredder

Series 21

Monster Hunter Leo
Monster Hunter Raph
80's Leonardo
Mutant Mummy Leo
80's Bebop
Vampire Raph
Werewolf Mikey
80's Rocksteady

Ninja Shouts Deluxe Figures

Ninja Shouts Leonardo Ninja Shouts Raphael Ninja Shouts Michelangelo

WWE Ninja Superstars Series 2 Figures

Leonardo as Finn Balor
Donatello as Ultimate Warrior
Michelangelo as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
Raphael as The Rock

Ninja Ghostbusters

Leonardo as Stanz
Donatello as Spengler
Michelangelo as Venkman
Raphael as Zeddemore

2017 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Usagi Yojimbo

Stan Sakai Exclusive Black Usagi Yojimbo

Mini-Figure Box Sets

Rooftop Ruckus Battle Pack 1 Rooftop Ruckus Battle Pack 2

Classic Collection Mini Figure Repaints

Leonardo and Splinter
Donatello and Shredder
Michelangelo and Casey Jones
Raphael and Foot Soldier

Giant Turtle Talkin' TMNT

Turtle Talkin' Leonardo Turtle Talkin' Michelangelo Turtle Talkin' Raphael (released late in 2017)

Mutant XL Turtles

Mutant XL Leonardo
Mutant XL Donatello
Mutant XL Raphael
Mutant XL Michelangelo
Mutant XL Four Pack

Mutant XL Usagi Yojimbo

Mutant XL Super Ninja Turtles (UK Release)

Mutant XL Super Ninja Leonardo
Mutant XL Super Ninja Donatello
Mutant XL Super Ninja Raphael
Mutant XL Super Ninja Michelangelo

Deluxe Figure/Vehicles Repaint Series

Ninja Stealth Bike with Leonardo
Patrol Buggy with Donatello
Sewer Skateboard with Michelangelo
Raph's Patrol Buggy

Deluxe Figure/Vehicles Samurai Warhorses (Series 10)

Warrior Horse with Samurai Raph Warrior Horse with Samurai Mikey Warrior Horse with Samurai Usagi Yojimbo

Misc Vehicles

Trash Truck (OOTS Tactical Truck Repaint)

Micro Mutants Vehicle Sets

Shellraiser with Super Ninja Leo & Super Shredder
Trash Truck with Super Ninja Donnie & Robotic Foot Soldier
Party Van with Super Ninja Mikey & Bebop
Stealth Bike with Super Ninja Raph & Rocksteady

Micro Mutants Vehicle Sets Series 2

Armored Truck with Stealth Ninja Raph & Slash
Hot Rod with Hot Rod Mikey & Hot Rod Donnie
Kraang Dome with Kraang & Casey Jones

Micro Mutants Playsets

Leo's Dojo
Donnie's Lab
Mikey's Skate Park
Raph's Rooftop

Micro Mutants Large Playsets

Leo's Surprise Attack Playset Raph's Train & Battle Playset

Micro Mutants Misc

Sweeper Ops Vehicle Playset

Half-Shell Heroes Series 8 (Sewer Safari)

Leo & crocodile
Donnie & leopard
Mikey & monkey
Raph & rhino

Half-Shell Heroes Series 9 (reissue two packs)

Space Rescue Leo & Tiger Claw
Dojo Donnie & Shredder
EMT Mikey & Leatherhead
Dojo Raph & Dogpound
Police Leo & Fireman Raph

Half-Shell Heroes Collectible Figures (Blind Bags) Series One

Dojo Mike
Dojo Raph
Dojo Don
Blast From The Past Leo

Half-Shell Heroes Pet to Ninja Figures

Pet to Ninja Leo Pet to Ninja Raph

Half-Shell Heroes Large Vehicle Assortment

Safari Elephant with Raph

T-Blasts Basic Dart Guns

Double-Barrel Michelangelo

T-Blasts Quad-Blaster Dart Guns

Quad-Blaster Michelangelo

Ninja Build-N-Battle Weapons

Ninja Build-N-Battle Leonardo
Ninja Build-N-Battle Donatello
Ninja Build-N-Battle Michelangelo
Ninja Build-N-Battle Raphael

2018 releases

Nickelodeon Figurine Two Packs

Leonardo and Splinter
Donatello and Shredder
Michelangelo and Kraang
Raphael and Foot Soldier

2019 releases

Half Shell Heroes Battle Pack

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