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The Sewer Swimmin' Splash-down Space Shuttle!

Stock No. 5303

Package Description

Turtles in space? Yes, it's true! Those amazing Turtles have taken to skimmin' the sewers in their nifty, new Muta-Raft. But this is no ordinary rad reptile raft, no siree, Bob: It's two - two vehicles in one! The Turtle Patrol would like to welcome you aboard the only raft with a cruisin' height of 5,794,895,175.098 feet! Of course, that's higher than most known bodies of water. But that's also the beauty of this bodacious boat capsule. This warp speed wave rider can blast off and splash-down all with just a few minor metamorphoses - that you control! From sea to space, or space to sea, in mere Mutant moments. Just a touch of ooze and this marvelous machine Mutates into a whole new Turtle transport. All you have to do is pull out the wind-splittin' wings, kick in the Turtle turbo thrusters - and off you go! The vertical stabilizer pops out to maintain aeridynamic action. Detachable space missiles pop up and into Foot firing position, while pontoons pivot in and extendo-exhaust pipes fold up! We're talkin' an explosive new look - and now it's yours!

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