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Movie III Turtlepult with Whit

Witness the Ancient Art of Turtle Tossin"!

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Now you're ready to take charge of any situation -you've got the most advanced piece of equipment that 17th century Japan has to offer - the Turtlepult! Watch the evil warlords run for cover when you wheel this big bouncin' baby out. Load it up with your favorite Turtle Teen and send them through the air - to victory and beyond. There is no castle wall big enough, no moat wide enough, no bad guy smart enough to stop the dreaded 'n mighty Turtlepult. This ingenious contraption is so simple and effective anybody can use it - even Whit! He loves to load and launch Turtles into battles all day long, but when it comes to human flyin' it's Casey who's first in line - he just loves the wind in his mask. So just load your favorite Turtle on the backside slinger (perhaps whomever gets the short straw) and fling them into the air. What could be simpler? Now if only Donatello could come up with a way to land!

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