Ninja Power Rereleases

The figures in this series are the same as their previous releases but on a new card.

Pizza Tossin' Turtles


HeadDroppin' Dudes

Headdroppin' Don
Headdroppin' Leo
Headdroppin' Raph
Headdroppin' Mike

Sewer Spittin' Turtles

Lifeguard Leo
Sewer-cyclin' Raph
Spike 'N Volley Don
Beachcombin' Mike

Ninja Action Turtles

Somersault Samurai Leo
Jump Attack Jujitsu Raph
Cartwheelin Karate Don
(Black Belt Boxer Mike was not part of the reissues)

Kung-Fu TMNT Tournament Fighters

Kung-Fu Donatello
Kung-Fu Raphael
Kung-Fu Michaelangelo
Kung-Fu Rocksteady


Mutatin' Michaelangelo
Mutatin' Donatello
Mutatin' Splinter
Mutatin' Shredder
Mutatin' Leonardo
Mutatin' Bebop
Mutatin' Foot Soldier
Mutatin' April
Mutatin' Raphael
Mutatin' Rocksteady
Mutatin' Rahzar
Mutatin' Tokka
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