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Don's Sewer Squirter

Stock No. 5681


Just check out Bebop or Rocksteady and you'll know - bad guys hate water. That's why they're always dirty. And smelly! Now, with Don's Sewer Squirter you can clean-up the Foot Clan. And Don's really outdone himself this time! His latest invention ranks as the most powerful sewer shooter in the world. It can knock out the Killer Bee - or any Foot scum - from twenty-five feet away!

Just fill the Sewer Storage Tank and grab hold of the Turtle-head Handle. Line up the Ninja Target Sight on the Foot Clan, then hose 'em down using the Sewer-squirtin' Pump Action Nozzle. Water squirtin' was never this fun - and now it's official!

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