Casey Jones

Casey Jones

The Battering Vigilante Sportsman

Asst. No. 5000 (re-release 5000-50)
Stock No. 5058 (re-release 5377)

Vital Statistics


Broken Bats
Golf Club
Golf Bag




235 lbs. with fully loaded golf bag

Favorite Sports Team:

Mudville Slingers

Favorite Food:

Shake 'n' Break Chicken

Favorite Swing:

Grand Slam

Battering Average:

Count the splinters


Like all psychos, Casey Jones, the masked sportsman, wanted to be a legend. Armed with broken bats, shattered dreams and one golf club, Casey turned his ambition toward crime-fighting. Modeling himself after his favorite vigilante cop show, casey decided to take the law into his own mitts. Outfitted with castoff sportsgear, Casey challenges every criminal who dares to go out of bounds. This bat-bearing vigilante fights to rid the world of all bad sports, including those who would dare steal second base. Casey's got a score to settle against all lawless losers - from litterbugs to madmen bent on world domination. Teaming up with our beloved Turtle Teens, Casey strikes out with a special vengeance against Shredder and the Foot Clan!


Original card with 14 figures on back
Pop-up Mutant Display
Pop-up Mutant Display card front and back
KB re-release on four Turtles in sewer card
reissue card front and back

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