Sergeant Bananas

The Guerilla Good Guy!

Asst. No. 5000
Stock No. 5141

Vital Bantistics:


Larry, the Lemur
Iguana Gun
Jungle Snack Belt

Favorite Hangout:

Any tree will do

Favorite Food:

Banana Pancakes


600 lbs.
(with a bunch of bananas)

Shoe Size:

Same as his glove size


Maybe he's goin' coconuts; maybe he's goin' ape-but for sure, he's bananas-Sergeant Bananas, that is! This crazed critter of the Congo's got the mutant muscle of a million monkeys! And he's ready to wreak havoc on the Foot Clan. All because Shredder slopped Retromutagen Ooze over his jungle gym. After wandering through the muck, this soldier of misfortune mutated with a hairy gorilla. Now he's a gorilla guerilla. Or is that guerilla gorilla? In any case, he's gonna swing into civilization and sway through the sewers to help the Turtles put an end to the Foot Clan's reign of terror. With the aid of his pesky primate pal, Larry, the Lemur, Sergeant Bananas is just crazy enough to use his iguana gun at the first sight of trouble. So stand back-Sergeant Bananas isn't monkeyin' around!


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